If you need Foam      in Place Equipment,   STI can provide you with       New or refurbished   Equipment Customized          to meet your     Foam in Place Needs
                          Contract Gasketing                 Offers the customer the ability to provide                Foam-in-Place gaskets to their customers                without the cost of purchasing their own                equipment.                 The solution is perfect for companies               with smaller production runs, or for those               customers transitioning into their own               machine.
Seal Tech Industries is the leader in Foam in Place gasket applications. If you have a current gasket application STI can help you convert to Foam in Place. If you are designing a new project STI can help you with product design for Foam in Place gaskets. Seal Tech’s multiple dispensing lines allow us to run a variety of materials including low viscosity and thixotropic Urethanes of varying durometers to fit your application needs. Our multiple dispensing lines allow Seal Tech Industries to respond to your productions needs with short lead times and high quality gaskets.
            New Equipment features PC based controls with our custom designed easy to use Windows interface. New equipment can be customized to meet your needs.
Refurbished Equipment
               (when available) Designed using the same technology and easy to use interface as our new equipment. Refurbished equipment offers additional savings to the customer while providing reliable performance.
Refurbished Equipment
New Equipment
Contract Gasketing 
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